Name of Activity

Chinese Painting (Lovely Panda)


・ Children can name the utensils for Chinese calligraphy and painting (the four treasures of the study): paper, pen, ink, and inkstone.
・Children can master the light and gravity of the brush to control the thickness of the lines.
・Cultivate children’s interest in traditional Chinese ink painting.

Brief Descriptions

The panda is not only a treasure of the Chinese people but also a beloved animal among children. In this activity, children had the opportunity to apply their ink painting skills to depict pandas. Through watching a video demonstration, children carefully observed the ink’s transformations, which ignited their imagination and creativity. They were able to express the appearance, characteristics, and shape of pandas from various perspectives. Each artwork possessed a unique style, showcasing the adorable nature of the beloved Chinese character ‘Panda’ on a piece of Chinese Xuan paper.

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