In 1967, the New Kowloon District developed rapidly and its population became larger. The number of women alone was conservatively estimated to have reached 400,000. Some enthusiastic charity sisters in the district initiated the organization of the “New Kowloon District Women’s Friendship Association” in order to connect with each other and seek the rights and interests of women. Under the guidance of Ms. Li Chen Jinxiu, the Liaison Officer of the Civil Affairs Department of Hong Kong at the time, 13 preparatory committee members contributed money and worked for the preparation work. It lasted for a year and 13 months. The case was approved on August 6, 1968. It was established and was presided over by Mrs. He Liwen, the Secretary of Civil Affairs, to present the appointment letter. It was renamed “New Kowloon Women’s Association Co., Ltd.” on November 30, 1971, a non-profit charitable organization recognized by the Hong Kong government.

At the beginning of its establishment, the organization actively promoted social welfare work in the New Kowloon District. Recreation activities are held every Christmas holiday, winter clothes and quilts are distributed to those in need in various districts, and the activity area reaches Shatoujiao Village; fast banquets are held to entertain the elderly and other activities. In 1979, the then chairman Yang Shuzhensheng was awarded the Medal of Honor by the Governor of Hong Kong in recognition of the organization’s contribution to society.

In 1975, the first child care center was opened in the community center of the southern district of Ciyun Mountain, which provided full-time child care and assisted women to enter the workforce and relieved them of worries. In addition to the fundraising of Yiying Film, the start-up fund was donated by members of the board of directors and committee members. Since then, the development of conference affairs has focused on serving children. In March and September 1985, the organization opened kindergartens in Sha Kok Village and Xin Chui Village, Sha Tin, and the fourth kindergarten was located in Kwun Tong Lok Wah Community Centre. It was also opened in April 1987. Opening.

Four child care centers have joined the Child Care Center Subsidy Scheme of the Social Welfare Department. With the assistance of the Social Welfare Department, the school has developed smoothly and healthily. In addition to providing full-time child care services for children aged two to six, it also provides children in need Both integration and respite services. In 2006, the four kindergartens under its management were placed under the management of the Education Bureau. So far, with the support of the Social Welfare Department and the Education Bureau, the school is moving forward steadily!

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