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The changes in the world and the progress of society have made the public gradually agree with the necessity of formal education. Children in Hong Kong generally go through the stages of learning in kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools. The so-called “high-rise buildings start from the ground”. Pre-school education is an important cornerstone of children’s growth and the first step for children to build a “knowledge building”. Kindergartens provide full-time preschool education and care services for children aged two to six. In addition to meeting the professional needs of parents, it is mainly to accompany children in their learning and growth, allowing children to experience group life, accumulate experience, and do a good job for lifelong learning and ready for the structured whole person development.

We will use websites/student handbooks, etc. to provide some information about children’s life in school, such as weekly learning content, activity arrangements, children’s performance in school, etc. Parents should read carefully to understand the children’s learning progress and activities each week circumstances, we should also pay attention to children’s performance at home, give them more care and love; appropriate appreciation and encouragement; and a warm and sweet family environment.

Parents are the children’s first teacher, and the family is an important pillar of children’s growth. Parents are advised to pay attention to some good ways to communicate and educate their children: take time every day to interact with children, such as talking and understanding children’s experiences in school; telling stories , Cultivate children’s reading habits; appreciate music, make artistic creations, and improve children’s aesthetic ability. Let children feel the attention and love of their parents, and parents can also understand the development of their children’s intellectual education. Parents should give positive guidance when children engage in destructive, dangerous, or harassing behaviors. When a child does something wrong, parents should give the opportunity to redo and correct it, and pay attention to the method and method.

The cooperation between school and family is an essential element for the success of children’s education. Teachers will contact parents through the “School Newsletter”. If parents have any questions or special issues to share with the school, they can also communicate with the teacher through the “Parents’ Words” column. Of course, we encourage parents to come directly to the school for interviews. Or call, write, email, etc. to exchange opinions and experiences on educating children with teachers or principals. We hope that parents will actively participate in various activities organized by the school to enhance mutual understanding; we value the opinions and suggestions put forward by parents, and look forward to parents becoming the driving force for the development of the school. Schools and families maintain close contact and cooperate with each other to more comprehensively and effectively help children’s growth and learning needs, and fully cultivate and develop children’s potential.

Child-oriented is our most basic principle. Let us join hands and work hard for the healthy growth of children!

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