Name of Activity

Koi Fish Chinese New Year Rice Cake


・Learn about the traditional and customary foods during the Lunar New Year.
・Learn the making process of rice cakes.
・Share learning results with your family and enjoy the spirits of traditional festivals.

Brief Descriptions

The Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) marks the beginning of the Chinese lunar calendar and is the most solemn and lively ancient traditional festival among the people. By making Koi Fish Chinese rice cakes, children can understand the symbolic meaning behind them and deepen their understanding of traditional food. The teacher demonstrated the basic steps of making rice cakes, and the children made their own koi fish rice cakes. Once finished, the children were encouraged to take them home and share with their families. Through this activity, children can experience the joy of preparing food, learn the traditional methods of making festival food, and play a significant role in preserving and inheriting our cultural heritage.

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