Name of Activity

Dragon Boat Festival (making rice dumplings)


  • Understand the origin and customs of Dragon Boat Festival.
  • Know the materials and steps of making rice dumplings.
  • Share the fun of eating rice dumplings.

Brief Descriptions

The “Dragon Boat Festival” falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year. The activity allows children to understand the origin and customs of Dragon Boat Festival, telling the story of Qu Yuan and the origin of dragon boat racing.
Through the “Making Zongzi” activity, children can learn about the different materials used to make Zongzi (glutinous rice, mung beans, pork, egg yolks and glutinous rice leaves), the steps of making Zongzi, and try to put the materials on the leaves.
During the sharing activity, children were allowed to open cooked rice dumplings, observe the difference between raw and cooked rice dumplings, and taste the traditional food “rice dumplings” together.

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