Name of Activity

The unique “Chinese type-cast” art


・To understand the features of different Chinese fonts.
・To explore the techniques of the “Chinese type-cast” art.
・To acknowledge the techniques of using a seal.

Brief Descriptions

First, play the “Bingo” game with children, and each child needs to hold two cards and take turns passing one card to their classmates in the same direction. If children hold the same cards, children should shout “Bingo!” and show the pair of cards. With teacher’s guidance, children try to name the characteristics of different fonts after observation and comparison, then to design different types of fonts with online font-designing websites . After learning various Chinese fonts, children choose a single word from their name as a representative and have to draw the word on a foam board under guidance. Then, children cast the foam board as a Chinese seal with bamboo sticks, and stamp their personal works after coloring the stamp. Hence, to help children experience the structure of Chinese characters through the extended use of Chinese seals.

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